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Frequently Asked Questions

Concrete Quality is the perfect mix of software and consulting services to guarantee success. We’re experts in concrete production and quality control, leading a team of software & new technologies developers.

Concrete Quality is that which you didn’t imagine and you didn’t know you needed. Concrete Quality will take your company to the next technological level to thrive in the coming digital transformation.

Well, yes and no. We at Concrete Quality have a software package specialized in concrete quality control, mix design, and technical management as part of our offer. But there’s more.

Each production operation has a particular set of conditions and needs. We don’t sell you a product and go away,  instead we engage each project in a personal manner and looking for a long-term, win-win relationship with our customers.

We assess your strengths and weaknesses and produce a solution suited to your needs and your business vision and strategy.

Our insider’s knowledge of the concrete industry allow us to understand you better than others and to find opportunities and efficiencies other will miss. We make you more productive and profitable, while building a solid strategy that will ensure the future of your company in a changing world.

The world as a whole is digitizing, and those who do not will be left behind. Digitization of concrete businesses can be done in many ways, and we address the most important of all: your concrete.

Most people will digitize first the auxiliary parts of your business (accounting, payroll, etc.) because they are the “lowest hanging fruit” for generic software packages. We, on the contrary, know the business inside out and tackle it’s core, where the real opportunity for savings and improvement lies.

Quality control is VERY PROFITABLE when done right, and it includes:

  • Measure everything. Absolutely everything. From the exact mix proportions for every batch to optimize costs without sacrificing performance and safety, to the management of every production process. Be in total control of what’s going on and learn immediately when something is wrong, and why.
  • Automating processes. This removes beaurocracy and wasted time with paperwork and gathering and collating data to understand what’s going on. All the information you need will be gathered automatically at its source, processed, analized, and summarized, and delivered to you when you need it.


Digital Transformation gives you the time and the information you need to take care of your business the way you like, and make it grow and prosper.

In other words, Concrete Quality is the way to obtain total control of your business. With Concrete Quality nothing is left to chance.

Based on our international experience in the concrete industry we have learned that “quality” and “profits” are not opposites, quite the other way around.

Having a strong quality control and management system is the best way to know what’s happening with your business, and more importantly, why.

If you feel that audits, testing, procedures, and controls are a dead weight on production and sales, it’s probably because you’ve been thinking “quality” in the wrong terms.

Let’s get to know each other and you’ll immediately understand why quality can and must be profitable.

We provide our consulting as part of our service for anybody that needs it. If you feel that you don’t, no worries, you won’t be paying extra for something you don’t want.

Engaging in Digital Transformation is a very complex task that requires very different skills and expertise. Most concrete producers are not up to date with the possibilities of new technologies and how to implement them successfully; most IT people have never set foot on a concrete plant except to visit. Our experience covers the best of both worlds.

In any case, our experience in the concrete industry gives us a unique point of view that can certainly help you find new opportunities or confirm you’re on the right track.


We base our value proposition on two things: excellent technology used right, and a deep understanding of the industry and your position in it.

It’s often the case that “when you have a hammer, you deal with every problem as with a nail”. This happens all the time.

We’re experts in implementing digital solutions (software, sensors, etc.) but with our feet on the ground. Not every problem can be solved by adding a new button on a screen, nor should every new technology be implemented everywhere without any thought.

Talk to us and you’ll find people that understand you and speak “concrete language”. We’ll come up with the most efficient solution for your needs, and you can leave the “IT stuff” to us. 

Yes, Concrete Quality can be used anywhere in the world. We have customers on all continents, working in different languages and with different applicable standards.

We make sure that our software becomes your reference tool for data collection and informed decision making, so we adapt everything to your specific needs.

Contact us with any of the following options:

  • Use the contact form at the bottom of this page and we’ll reach out to you.
  • By phone, WhatsApp, or Telegram at +34 657 116 373
  • By email at


We’ll study your case and goals and provide a bespoke quotation.

Concrete Quality is a suite with different solutions adapted to every case, so the price will vary according to the features you need. In any case, it’s not just a purchase or subscription price, because we build together a work plan to digitize your business and implement the best technology in service of the people.

We provide personalized offers for each client, based on their needs and possibilities. We always adapt the work plan to the realities of every operation, and payments are staggered as features are delivered and fully implemented. We make sure that you always get value for your money.

As usual, it depends on where you are right now. The obvious improvement is for mix composition, which happens when you have everything under control. Having a system such as Concrete Quality that will automatically analyze everything and find opportunities for you will expedite this.

It’s usually the case that companies digitize what they CAN, not what they SHOULD. The potential savings in the concrete industry lie with the product itself:

  • Mix design composition: up to 70% of potential savings.
  • Transport/logistics: up to 15%.
  • Production process: up to 10%.
  • Administrative: up to 5%.


Apart from this, you can expect to AVOID costs and spending derived from making decisions late and with partial information, things that go out of hand before you notice to prevent it, and time lost in endless paperwork. It may be difficult to quantify, but you surely get a feeling of its importance and value.

The best solution to a problem is to avoid it entirely, and this is what Concrete Quality will make really easy for you.

Of course, we’d love to! Reach out to us in the form at the end of this page or call us, we’ll schedule a demo and consulting session with you at no cost.

During the call, one of our experts will analyze your case and your goals, and we’ll prepare an action plan to tackle it together.

Yes. Training everybody on your team into the correct use of the system is a key part of a successful implementation, so it’s included by default.

Besides that, rest assured that everything will be customized to make the transition and training easier for everybody. Our goal with digital transformation is to make people’s lives better, and it starts with making the change as smooth as possible for them.

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