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Concrete Mix Design Software Free Download | Concrete Quality

Concrete Mix Design Software Free Download

Installer for the latest version (v1.92.0)

The current version for the Concrete Quality package is 1.92.0.  All users with version 1.80.x and previous are required to install this update to continue using the subscription services. Users with version 1.90 and following don’t need to take any actions, Concrete Quality will automatically update to the latest version upon starting.

You can download it with the link below, for both new installations and to upgrade your current version. The first time you run this version, even for updates, you’ll need to select your language and the optional packages you want to install.

All-in-One Installer

This installer lets you choose your language and optional packages during installation.

You will need administrator privileges for your computer to complete the installation, specially if any of the required pre-requisites needs to be installed. Check with your IT department if you need special permissions to install.


If your Windows version is not compatible install the latest Windows Service Pack. Don’t install or try to run the application within a network (shared) drive or folder.


If you have problems installing or running the application, please contact us.


If you already have Concrete Quality installed and running use the link above to update to the latest version. You will not lose existing information, but we recommend that you synchronize with the server before performing any updates.


If you need help installing the application you can see Installation tutorial.


In case you cannot install Concrete Quality, please try to install the necessary components:

  1. .NET Framework: version 4.5.1


This installer includes the minimal required pre-requisites for the application to work: .NET Framework 4.5.1. It will be installed automatically if necessary, though its installation may fail in some cases. You will not be able to run Concrete Quality if this component is not correctly installed.


You require administrator privileges for your computer to install these components. The firewall must not reject incoming and outgoing connections for the endpoint https://cqserver.concrete-quality.com/PROD/syncro.svc. Ask your IT department for help regarding this.


If your Windows version is not compatible install the latest Windows Service Pack. Newer Windows versions include these components as a part of the standard build.


If you still have problems installing or running the application, please contact us.

Changes in the latest version

Download the latest upgrade The new version 1.92.0 includes many performance improvements and new features, such as:

  • Automatic updates! This version is the last one you’ll need to install, from now on Concrete Quality will update itself automatically.
  • New! Full translations into Russian language.
  • New! Test specimens crushing scheduler across all workgroups in the Global Vision section.
  • New! R&D lab feature to schedule lab mixes and check which ones are pending for all workgroups in the Global Vision section.
  • General fixes and various upgrades.

Compatible operating systems

The Concrete Quality software package works under all Windows versions that support .NET Framework 4.5.1 or higher:

Download for Windows onlyWindows 10; Windows 8 & 8.1; Windows 7; Windows 7 Service Pack 1; Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2; Windows Server 2008; Windows Server 2008 R2; Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1; Windows Vista Service Pack 1. Windows XP is no longer supported.

Starting at Windows 8 the .NET Framework component is included as standard, so it’s not necessary to install it to run Concrete Quality. It might still be necessary to install the SQL Server CE 4.0 SP1 component.


The Concrete Quality package is not compatible with Mac or other operating systems (Unix, Linux, etc), nor is supported in mobile devices (tablets, smartphones, etc.). For mobile access you have the Field Test feature.

Download installation requirements

In order to run the Concrete Quality package the Microsoft  .NET Framework components are needed, which extend Windows functionality. These components are provided directly by Microsoft and are included in the full installer. They will be installed only if necessary.

Find below the links for the individual components installers, in case you need them.


.NET Framework

To run Concrete Quality you need the .NET Framework 4.5.1 or higher. You can find it here:

Download Microsoft dot .NET version 4.0 4.5.NET Framework 4.5.1 (both 32 & 64 bits)

  • Free download without registration
  • Unlimited functionality
  • No cancellation required
  • Pay only for optional services
  • FREE! Expert plan trial for one month

Register a new user

To register a new user open Concrete Quality and use the right panel named “I’m new here” (light blue color) in the log in screen.

Concrete Quality Sign up for free

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